HR team

Our team of Human Resources is focused on the development of the dedication of the staff, as well as the continued development of new and improvement of existing staff competencies. Our emloyees are our most important potential. That is why we are investing heavily in their training and development.

In addition to encouraging professional development, we are investing resources in sport, recreation and health of our employees which we consider essential factors of their success.

With employees we are striving to develop the skills of internal communication, which includes trust, openness to different ideas and proposals, respect, cooperation and loyalty.

While we are working as a team, each and every individual is important to us. We encourage each employee to share his ideas that can improve our business. We are capable of giving worthy rewards for the best ideas.

The professional success of our company is strongly associated with the development of the following qualities:

  • - Result orientation, quality and high performance standards
  • - The enthusiasm, energy and motivation to work
  • - Ability to solve complex problems
  • - The openness to change and new experienc
  • - The willingness for continuous learning and improvement in the IT field
  • - Self-initiative, team spirit

Recruitment and selection of candidates

In the process of selection we are trying to recognize the potential and quality for new candidates as key factors for future growth and development. The selection of candidates takes place in several rounds. In the first round of the selection we are analyzing job applications, resumes and cover letters that we get from the candidates.

In the other circles of selection we are trying to get the most relevant information from multiple sources about the candidates that we include in the selection process. In the selection process, you can expect:

  • - Psychological testing which involves assessing the personality of the candidates and their skills Interviews based on the competence of candidates
  • - Individual and team case studies ,role playing ,through which we are trying to assess the skills that are
  • - Individual and team case studies ,role playing ,through which we are trying to assess the skills that are important to our business environment (communication skills ,ability to solve complex problems ,teamwork ,innovation)

HR departmant info:

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